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May 12th 2024: New video teaser for "Dev" environment!

Here is the first exclusive preview of the brand new custom environment "Dev"!

It's called "Dev" because we honestly didn't have any original ideas, LOL!

From the released materials, you can take a peek at some new blocks that were implemented, like road slopes, start/finish line and platform blocks.

The current progress on the update is around 40% - 50%. This environment is still very much in development and things are likely to change over time.

Enjoy the video teaser and the new screenshots! ^_^


Mar 6th 2024: Update 1 in development!

We are working on a new update for TrackMania Director's Cut.

This update will feature improved visual models, shaders and other cosmetic improvements. This update will not change the physics of existing blocks and vehicles, all changes are purely visual.

That's not to say we're only changing stuff. We are also working on a brand new custom environment! New blocks, new vehicle, new playstyle!

More information will be revealed in due time. For now enjoy these new teasers.


Jan 17th 2024: New press materials!

We have compiled all the early screenshots of TrackMania that we have used as a reference for TMDC into a single pdf file that you can download and see right now!

The pdf document contains various screenshots of early environments. Those have many changes, such as different textures and models.

Thanks everyone for supporting the project!



Nov 21st 2023 : Happy 20th birthday TrackMania!

The time has finally come!

After months of teasers, screenshots, videos and demos, the TrackMania Director's Cut project is finally releasing today.

The game features a brand new campaign with 2 game modes: Challenge (Puzzle) and Race, new blocks recreated from early screenshots, many fixes like PC3 Rally shader fix and much much more!

It also has a fixed online multiplayer, so you can play the game together! (Please don't use your real password for the account)

As a bonus, we also prepared custom blocks for TrackMania United Forever (no TMUnlimiter required). Featuring the beta block from the Speed environment.


I would like to thank everyone on the team for their involvement in the project. You guys did a great job right there!

Have Fun and thanks for tuning in!


Nov 12th 2023 : Gameplay video released!

You can now take a peek at how the full game will play.

The gameplay video contains 3 environments that you will be able to play once the full project is released.

Check out the video in the "Videos" page or check out the TMRAD YouTube Channel to watch it there.

The race campaign is 100% done! Now we are left with the rest of the challenge tracks. Current total progress of the mod: 75%.


Oct 29th 2023 : New Alpine media!

New screenshots and a teaser video for the Alpine environment have been published!

Check out the new images on the "Screenshots" page as well as the video on the "Videos" page or check out the TMRAD YouTube Channel to watch it there.

As for the progress of the full mod, we finished implementing all the new features. Now we are working only on bugfixes and making the campaign tracks. We currently have 50% of the campaign maps done. Stay tuned for more information!


Oct 22th 2023 : Demo now available!

It is time!

The demo for TrackMania Director's Cut has been released!
It's a taste of how the mod will look and play like. You can try your hands on the Speed environment with new custom blocks and exclusive tracks.

This demo includes:

(Several features have been disabled as part of the demo, they will return for the full release.)


Have Fun!


Oct 20th 2023 : Demo coming soon!

We are working on a demo build of the game that will be releasing on October 22nd 2023, for the 20th anniversary of TrackMania DemoBeta1's release!

The demo will contain an exclusive campaign featuring 8 challenge tracks and 8 race tracks on the Speed environment. It also features local multiplayer where you and your buddy can play the game together in hotseat mode.

Features like: single challenge, track editor, online multiplayer and shop have been disabled as part of the demo mode.

New screenshots of the demo have been added to the Screenshots page, make sure to check them out! Alongside the demo, there will also be a video published on the TMRAD YouTube Channel announcing the release.

As for the full mod, we currently have 25% of the project done. Stay tuned for more information!

-TMRAD Team<

Sep 20th 2023 : Screenshots galore! (+new Rally media)

The site has been updated to include screenshots!

All the previous Speed screenshots have been reuploaded and brand new Rally screenshots have been uploaded for the first time. Click on the "Screenshots" button in the top-left corner of the screen to visit the screenshots page. Aside from that, a new Rally video has been released! Check out the videos page by clicking on the "Videos" button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Stay tuned for more content!


Sep 19th 2023 : A new website for TMDC!

That's right!

A new website is being made for the TrackMania Director's Cut project! Here you will be able to check on the latest news on the project, see new screenshots of the mod and videos.

About TrackMania Director's Cut:

TrackMania Director's Cut (TMDC) is a alpha/beta recreation mod for TrackMania 1.0. Our goal is to recreate and implement cut features that were seen on some early screenshots of the game before release.

This mod will include (but not limit to):

The mod doesn't aim to simulate a specific period of the game's development, but rather to include everything that is proven to have existed in the game at any point but was removed before the release.

We would like to release the mod before November 21, 2023 for the TrackMania's 20th anniversary.


TrackMania Research And Development (TMRAD), 2024